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Sounds, sights & feel of PNW trails, heaven on Earth.

1st camera!

1st camera!  Along with self proclaimed coolness. Thanks Snoop Dog.

Dreamer. Earth lover. Playmate. Life student. Explorer. Shy poet.

Breath of Love

Can you be the whisper of a soft breeze, the raw power in the storm or the nourishment in a raindrop? 

Can you be the softness of the snowfall or the awakening of the sunrise? 

Can you embody the freedom of a bird’s wings in flight or be the radiance in a sun-ray?

Can you be the illumination in a lightning bolt or the potent essence of a moon set?  

Can you feel the magic of the twinkling star within? 

The sweet kiss of a morning dew?  

Can you feel the beauty of your heartbeat? 

Can you feel its rhythm inside you? 

Can you be the breath of love within your own soul?  ~Kristi Lee

I was raised in the gorgeous and stunning lands of the PNW and have been captivated by nature's scenic beauty, mesmerizing landscapes and changing moods since I was itty-bitty.  As a rambunctious 4th grader, one of my first shots, with my very first camera, was a 'lil waterfall along Chuckanut Drive. I squealed with delight at the sight of rushing water along the historic route. As a result the car was pulled over, I jumped out with my tiny camera, crazy courage to cross the curvy lanes and a whole lot of enthusiasm, capturing one of my favorite scenes that afternoon, cascading water - imprinted in my senses, residing in my heart. I remain delighted by the memory: just a spunky girl, her new "toy" and engagement with nature's artistry and endless offerings. Planet Earth leaves my awestruck on the daily! 

Lotus Wise Images has emerged with time and patience and sprouted from my draw to the natural world, passion for camera play, love of exploration, hope to inspire and a creative desire to share nature's exquisite beauty that surrounds us. My collection of images spring from global sojourns, local landscapes and my Mojo Garden that bursts with colors each season where I am dazzled, nourished and frequently take solace.

Each photograph has a memory, a moment in time. Each frame is handcrafted, created from reclaimed lumber. Each poem selected meant to stir and inspire. Refurbishing, repurposing and upcycling materials is my first priority. Greeting card sleeves are biodegradable, envelopes compostable and printing happens locally.  

My hope is that Lotus Wise Images sparks joy, stirs hearts and keeps us connected to magic and delights on this exquisite planet. Thank you for visiting.

Share beauty.  Let your light shine.  Be kind. 

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